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Operating Principle
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Dolphin LX
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Industries Served
Beverage Industry
Brickmaking and Ceramics
Chemical Industry
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Paper Industry
Plastics Industry
Textile Industry
Dolphin LX

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Dolphin LX 0030-0430 (imperial units)
Dolphin LX 0030-0430 (metric units) 

Operating Principle

The Busch Dolphin is designed for a wide range of industries and is able to pump gases, vapors and handle entrained liquids. It is designed for continuous operation and has an end pressure of 25 torr (29"Hg). The Dolphin is single stage, compact, direct driven, and cost effective. Eight sizes are available from 18 to 268 ACFM pumping speed.

 Cost effective
 Single stage
 Direct driven
 Low maintenance
 Accessories available

Accessories (in option)
 Liquid separators
 Anti-cavitation protection
 Heat exchanger
 Gas ejector
 Non-return valve
 Drain valves
 Vacuum relief valves

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