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Operating Principle
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Panther WA «D» Series
Dingo WN / Cat WD
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Panther WA «D» Series

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Panther WA 3032-3300 (imperial units)
Panther WA 3032-3300 (metric units)

Operating Principle

Busch Panther Roots type blowers and vacuum pumps are air-cooled, positive displacement and are operating according to the rotary lobe principle. Eleven sizes are available from 35 to 6400 CFM.  They can achieve in vacuum configuration 15 in. of Hg (500 mbar) and 15 psig (1 bar) in pressure configuration. The Panther three-lobe Roots type rotary lobe blower and vacuum pump operates without oil in the compression chamber and is contact free.

 Sturdy design and a sophisticated manufacturing
 Labyrinth-seal between cylinder and gear housing
 High volumetric and mechanical efficiency
Application orientated
 Vertical gas flow
 Pump and motor dimensions can be adjusted for
  each  application
 Many accessories available
 Can be used for suction as well as over pressure
Easy to service
 Modular construction principle
 Maintenance reduced to gear oil change and

Accessories (in option)
 Acoustic enclosure
 Pressure and vacuum regulator
 Non return valve
 Water cooling in end cove
 Inlet filter
 Additional blow-off silencer
 Frequency converter

Standard Equipment
Panther DP (Pressure version)
 Roots compressor on base frame with integrated 
  discharge silencer
 Suction side silencer with integrated air inlet filter
 Motor fixing assembly incl. V-belt drive
 Pressure relief valve
 Pressure gauge
 Flexible discharge connection

Panther DV (Vacuum version)
 Roots pump on base frame with integrated
  discharge silencer
 Suction side silencer
 Motor fixing assembly incl. V-belt drive
 Vacuum relief valve
 Vacuum gauge
 Flexible inlet and discharge connections

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