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"The new system covers a lot of equipment, but basically, the big thing is we get a much better vacuum with a lot less horsepower" - Tim Palmer, Maintenance Engineering Manager
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Puma WP

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Puma WP 0250-2000 (metric units)

Principle of operation

Busch Puma boosters are air-cooled, positive displacement rotary lobe blowers intended for use in conjunction with a backing pump. They are designed for vertical flow preventing material build-up within the booster during periods of shutdown. Puma Roots pumps have no mechanical bypass, therefore, the maximum allowable differential pressure between inlet and discharge must be respected. Eight sizes are available from 350 to 1520 CFM.

 Vertical flow - self draining
 Sealing rings prevent oil from entering pumping
 Double shaft seals with separate oil intermediate seal
  on the drive shaft to prevent air leakage

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