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"The new system covers a lot of equipment, but basically, the big thing is we get a much better vacuum with a lot less horsepower" - Tim Palmer, Maintenance Engineering Manager
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Operating Principle
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R 5
R 5 Overview
R 5 - RA RB RC
R 5 - RE
R 5 - PB
R 5 - KB
Industries Served
Beverage Industry
Brickmaking and Ceramics
Environmental Technology
Food Industry
Medical and Hospitals
Paper Industry
Plastics Industry
Pneumatic Conveying
Printing Industry
Textile Industry
Transport and Handling
Vacuum Packaging
Water and Wastewater
Wood Industry
R 5 - RA RB RC

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R 5 0010-0021 (imperial units)
R 5 1000-1600 (imperial units)
R 5 0025-0630 (imperial units)

R 5 0021 B (metric units)
R 5 0025-0100 F (metric units)
R 5 0165-0305 D (metric units)
R 5 0400-0630 B (metric units)
R 5 1000-1600 B (metric units)

Operating Principle

Modular designed Busch R 5 oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps are single stage, aircooled, and direct driven. This oil-recirculating design is one of the simplest and most reliable vacuum pumps available on the world market. These rugged pumps are used in a variety of industries  such as packaging and food processing, rubber molding, thermoforming, printed circuit board testing, hospitals, laboratories, robotics, vacuum lamination, printing, and many others. Displacements range from 3 to 1130 CFM. Three models are available:
 RA for applications to 0.5 torr (29.9"Hg)
 RB for applications to 2 torr (29.8"Hg)
 RC for applications to 15 torr (29.3"Hg)

 Compact, simple design for easy installation and 
  low maintenance
 Air-cooled, requiring no water
 Direct drive, eliminating belts and gears to loosen
  or wear
 Oil mist eliminator for 99.9% oil-free exhaust
 Quiet operation
 Water-cooled versions available
 Improved oil-free exhaust and cooling
  (on some models)
 Continuous duty
 Easy exhaust filter change
 Booster/pump packages available

Accessories available
 Gas ballast valve
 Motor starter
 Inlet filter
 Active carbon filter
 Vacuum regulating valve
 Filter pressure gauge
 Liquid separator
 Dust separator
 Vacuum pump oils
 Analog vacuum gauges
 Digital vacuum gauges
 Vacuum vessel

Standard Equipment
 TEFC motor
 NPT inlet on most models
 Exhaust pressure gauge
 Non-return valve
 Built-in exhaust filter
 Wire mesh inlet screen
 Non-metallic, non-asbestos vanes
 Vibration isolators
 Automotive type spin-on oil filter on most models
 Oil level sight glass


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