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Operating Principle
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Miniseco SV

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Seco SV 1004-1140 (imperial units)
Miniseco SV SD 1004-1006 (metric units)

Operating Principle

The Busch Miniseco is a dry running pump which requires no routine maintenance due to the use of sealed-for-life ball bearings and selflubricating, dry carbon composite vanes.The vanes are self adjusting throughout the life of the pump, ensuring full efficiency and a longer service life than other designs available today.
Available options include inlet and discharge filters.
The Miniseco has a vacuum operating range from 0 to 25 1/2" Hg, and it is rated for continuous duty at all points in its operating range.

 Easy to install
 100% oil-free air
 Quiet operation
 Extra long-life composite vanes
 Requires no routine maintenance
 Line cord and toggle switch (single phase only)

Standard Equipment 
 TEFC motor

Accessories (in option) 
 Inlet filter
 Vacuum regulating valve
 Pressure regulating valve
 Non return valve

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