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"By switching to Busch EXT vacuum pumping systems, the plastics manufacturer eliminated the water contamination problem and as well as water treatment costs."
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Operating Principle
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Huckepack HO

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Huckepack Mark4 0429-0441 (imperial units)
Huckepack HO 0429-0441 (metric units)

Operating Principle

The Busch Huckepack Mark 4 vacuum pump is a two-stage, Once-Through-Sealing, rotary vane design. The Mark 4 design allows engineers the flexibility and performance they need for their particular process including the choice of several sealing fluids with different vapor pressures.
Due to its high water vapor tolerance, the pump is ideal for handling solvents and condensable gases. This pump is considered environmentally safe as the cooling water is never in contact with the pumped gas. Therefore no waste water contamination occurs. 
The Mark 4 is available in water-cooled (single pass) or radiator-cooled (closed loop) versions. It reaches an end vacuum of 0.5 torr (29.9" Hg), and comes in four sizes, from 113 CFM to 444 CFM.

 Coolant temperature control system for better
  process control
 Optional gas ballast in bottom stage to aid in pumping
  high boiling compounds
 Graphite PTFE exhaust and bypass valves
 Adjustable sealant metering pump
 Sealant reservoir and optional flushing tank for
  different fluids during flushing cycle Wide selection
  of sealing fluids possible
 Independent bearings lubrication

Accessories (in option)

 Gas ballast valve
 Motor starter/control panel
 Various motor classifications
 Inlet filter
 Liquid separator
 Dust separator
 Vacuum pump oils
 Vacuum gauges
 Various instrumentations
  (temperature switch, etc).
 Chemical duty exhaust mist eliminator
  for sealant/air separation
 Auto purge and auto flush

Standard Equipment

 Pump modules and motor 
 Non-return valve (exhaust)
 Non-metallic, non-asbestos vanes
 Vibration isolators
 Metering pump

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