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"Busch pumps have increased our productivity and lowered our maintenance costs." - Michael Bland, President
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Merlin ME

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Merlin ME 2048-3048 (imperial units)
Merlin ME 2048-3048 (metric units)

Operating Principle

The Busch Merlin is a combination of vacuum/pressure (blast air) pump operating on the rotary claw principle. The rotary claw principle is based on dry running, non contacting rotors. The Merlin is designed so that the vacuum and pressure are produced in separate pumping chambers, independent from each other.  Its unique and dedicated compression chamber design allows completely dry operation, as the gear lubricant is sealed from the pumping chamber (and vice-versa) by a triple combination of lip seals, atmospheric air space and non-contacting piston ring labyrinth seals.

The Busch Merlin is air-cooled, simple, modular, and of rugged iron and steel construction. Typical applications include sheet feeding in the printing industry. Overall, the Merlin is a low maintenance, reliable, simple, efficient, dry running pump with a low cost of ownership.

 Non-wearing, non-contacting, double claw-type design
 Dry pumping chambers
 Separate pressure and vacuum chambers
 Simple, modular construction

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