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Pacific Bindery
"The vacuum central system the RA 0630 is running all four machines perfectly, and we look forward to many, many trouble free years. In the two years that we have been running the Mink pumps they have performed flawlessly. I look forward to dealing with Busch in the future."
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Mink Overview - Rotary claw pumps

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Mink Systems

The Busch Mink is a rotary claw type, positive displacement, dry pump designed for either pressure or vacuum applications. The Mink is available as a single-stage or two-stage vacuum pump for deeper vacuum level. Vacuum or pressure is produce by two non-contacting rotors in a dry and oil-free pumping chamber. The dry, non-contacting design makes the Mink ideal for woodworking, pneumatic conveying, printing, soil remediation, any application where dust particles may be present, and applications where variable speed range is required. Wearing parts are separated from the pumping chamber which leads to a longer pump life and low maintenance.

Mink advantages
Robust dry running vacuum pumps
 Rotors are the only moving parts
 Compression is achieved without contact
 Short gas path in the pump and big axial and radial
  working cycles permit the pumping of gases with
  humid vapors and dust.

Absolutely oil-free
Due to the contact-free compression Mink pumps
  work absolutely oil-free.
 All components such as gear unit, sealing rings
  and bearings are separated from the compression 

 Due to the unique compression principle there is
  no intermal wear.
 Modular design facilitates access to the compression 
 Operating problems caused by the process are
  easily recognized and solved.

High durability
Long life because of low peripheral speed and
  non-contact operation without sealing fluids.

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