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Maple Leaf Environmental Equipment Ltd
"It is our opinion that rotary claw technology is very applicable to the environmental remediation industry and will continue to grow in popularity."
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Mink MM

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vacuum versions
MM 1104-1322 (imperial units)
MM 1104-1322 (metric units)
MM 1104-1142 Oxygen (metric units)
MM 1104-1142 ATEX dust (metric units)
MM 1104-1142 ATEX gas (metric units)
pressure versions
MM 1104-1322 (imperial units)
MM 1104-1322 (metric units)
MM 1104-1142 ATEX gas (metric units)

Operating Principle

The Busch Mink MM Series positive displacement pressure pumps feature a compact rotary claw design that is air cooled, dryrunning and non-contacting.

These features along with quality construction results in a pump that offers extremely high reliability and a long service life.

The Mink-MM's latest design features lower noise level of operation, low power consumption, and up to 360 m3/h (212 cfm) of capacity in vacuum or pressure operation.

 Dry (oil-free) pumping chamber
 Low noise level
 Simple, modular construction
 Suitable for variable speed applications
 Suitable for dusty environments
 Non-contacting Design - eliminates internal wear
  and parts to replace
 Air Cooling - no water levels to check and no
  cooling system to maintain
 Dry-Running - no sealing or lubricating oil is needed in
  the pumping chamber, so there is minimal maintenance

Accessories (in option)
 Motor starter
 Inlet filters for vacuum models
 Variable speed drive 
 Liquid separators
 Dust separator
 Vacuum gauge
 Vacuum vessel

Standard Equipement
 TEFC motor 
 Integral relief valve (where necessary)
 Discharge silencers on vacuum models
 Inlet silencers on pressure models
 Integral relief valve (on some models)
 Inlet filters on pressure models

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