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New Technology Solves Commercial Printer's Dry Vane Pump Problem

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B&B Printing, located in Richmond, Virginia is a highquality, multicolor, commercial printing company, which depends heavily on vacuum pumps for its printing and bindery operations. For 26 years, B&B's state-of-the-art printing equipment, complete electronic prepress department, and full-service bindery department, have enabled it to offer the highest quality one, two and four (plus) color printing services to its customers.

B&B runs 24 hours a day, six days per week, so it is crucial that all of its vacuum equipment be reliable to avoid downtime. When one of B&B's dry vane vacuum/pressure pumps failed in its 5-color Heidelberg press, B&B immediately replaced the pump with a new one, but that also failed. It seems that the carbon vanes in the pumps delaminated soon after installation, and Clyde Cornett, plant manager of B&B was unable to determine the reason why the vanes were delaminating. After several new dry vane pumps continued to fail, B&B decided to try a different design.

The Busch Merlin rotary claw-type pressure/vacuum pump was recommended to replace the rotary vane vacuum pump. The Busch Merlin is a rotary claw-type combination vacuum/pressure dry pump. Vacuum and pressure are provided by independent pumping chambers, providing a continuous supply of vacuum and pressure. The rugged construction and non-contacting design makes it highly reliable and tolerable to paper dust. The bearings and gears are isolated from the pumping modules, leading to cool operation of both. Other advantages over the rotary vane pumps are that the Busch Merlin consumes less power because the rotors are friction-free and there are no vanes to replace.

Since installation of the Busch Merlin vacuum/pressure pump, B&B has not experienced any more failures in over four years. "I am very pleased with its performance," says Clyde. "The Busch Merlin is reliable; it gives me peace of mind; and I no longer have to worry about downtime."

The first Busch Merlin pump has been so successful that B&B has purchased two more: one for one if its 2 color presses and one for a new 6 color plus coater press. "All three pumps have proven to be a worthwhile investment," says Michael Bland, President of B&B.

Produced by: Absolunet 2017 Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems Canada