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Busch Vacuum Technics Inc.
10582 - 159th Street
Surrey, B.C.
V4N 3H7
Attention: Mr. Tom Sertic

Dear Tom,

For many years after we moved into our new plant on Buller Avenue in 1986, we talked about the validity of a central air supply system for all our plant equipment.  We had an astonishing number of large and small pumps supplying the required suction and blow air for our presses, folders, cutters and saddle-stitcher.  Each and every one of these pumps made noise, generated heat where we did not want heat, required preventative maintenance, and were quite prone to break downs.  In addition, when one of the pumps went down, and the machine stopped, some real costs started to accrue: loss of production, and often a missed delivery schedule, and a disappointed client.

We looked at many installations of central air systems both in North America and in Europe, and learned much about what worked and what did not.  With the help of you and Paul Wieser, we finally found the answer on our vision of Hemlock's central air system.  Busch directed a very comprehensive study of our requirements, in close consultation with the manufacturers of our equipment, and in 1995 we received a proposal for the engineering and installation of a fully duplexed- never out of commission - built for growth, system that fit us perfectly.

Our ROI calculation on this quite substantial investment was based on some predictable benefits, but also on a number of assumptions and a little courage.  Looking back after five years, it is quite clear that this investment paid off substantially.  In January 1996, we powered up the Busch system, and disconnected over 80 noisy, attention demanding, heat producing, and inefficient air devices.  We have been delighted with that decision ever since.

It is now easy to list the benefits over the past 5 years, some of which we had not anticipated:

  Hemlock installed three new 40" presses, three new 40" folders, and two new 54" cutters, all purchased air (at considerable savings).
  Maintenance costs on pumps have been reduced to a fraction of what they were before January 1996.
  Unscheduled maintenance and breakdowns have been eliminated.
  Energy consumption has been reduced dramatically.
  The noise level in the plant is much improved, enhancing working conditions.
  Heat generation from the 80+ pumps on the floor was removed giving numerous benefits.  Heat from the Busch system is evacuated in the summer, and re-cycled in the winter, reducing heating costs substantially.
  Stability of water/ink balance on the presses improved noticeably, with the removal of the heat generated from air pumps close to the presses.
  Our operators comment on the increased volume of air available to them, giving improved feeding and delivery performance.
  We doubled our sales volume in the past 5 years, and our Busch system has capacity to let us grow some more.

In short, we are delighted with our investment in our Busch system.  The engineering is sound, the people are competent and dedicated, and the service is superb.  I can highly recommend Busch as a supplier for this kind of installation.

Please convey the appreciation of all of us at Hemlock who have reaped the benefits of the system you installed for us more than 5 years ago.

Yours truly,


Dick Kouwenhoven
President & CEO


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