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Statement of Experience

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Maple Leaf Environmental Equipment is involved in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of equipment and systems for site remediation and industrial pollution control. MLEE designs and delivers remediation systems that range from single well pumping systems to large combined soil vapor extraction/groundwater pump and treat systems. MLEE strives to provide its customers with the best technology available for the required tasks through the use of cost effective and innova tive designs. MLEE systems are tested prior to delivery to ensure quick and easy installation and start-up and are designed to provide effective performance with little required maintenance and operator attention.

Since 1992, Maple Leaf has provided remediation and treatment systems for over 1500 sites and 400 customers across North America. Our large percentage of repeat customers is a direct result of the quality of equipment that we supply and the high degree of customer service provided by our staff. Our current staff of 38 engineering, administrative and manufacturing personnel bring a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to the customer on every project undertaken at Maple Leaf.

Over the last few years MLEE has installed many Busch rotary claw vacuum pumps in soil vapour extraction and multi-phase extraction applications. We have also used many Busch rotary claw compressors in air sparge applications. Our experience with rotary claw compressors in the air sparge applications has been great. We have had a minor issue with the rotary claw vacuum pumps seizing due to high air humidity levels and prolonged down times. To eliminate this problem we are now using an auto-oiler in all vacuum applications. It is our opinion that rotary claw technology is very applicable to the environmental remediation industry and will continue to grow in popularity.

A brief summary of some of our projects where rotary claw vacuum pumps and compressors were used:

Multi-phase extraction system (TX) for recovery of BTEX and contaminated groundwater. The system includes multi-phase extraction, well pumps, PLC control, product water separation, water treatment using air stripping and activated carbon.

High Vacuum Extraction System (MA) for removal of diesel, water and vapors. Complete system installed inside a 24' building with high vacuum extraction, product/water separation, water treatment and full PLC control with remote capabilities
and menu driven software system.

Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Sparging System (FL) for removal of BTEX contamination for the water and soil on a retail gasoline station site. This integrated system includes a large air compressor/sparging system, a vapor extraction system and a catalytic oxidizer with a single control system capable of full remote operation and control of the equipment.

Chemical Plant (ON) - PLC controlled soil vapor extraction/groundwater pump and treat system to remove chlorinated hydrocarbons from soil and groundwater. System included up to 13 electric submersible pumps for groundwater removal, a skid mounted air stripper/activated carbon water treatment system, up to 29 vapor extraction/air sparging injection wells, air phase carbon off-gas treatment.

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