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Busch Vacuum Technics Inc.
10582 - 159th Street
Surrey, B.C.
V4N 3H7
Attn: Mr. Tom Sertic

Re: Centralization of pressure and vacuum pumps.

Having been plagued for years with high maintenance costs and inferior performance from conventional vane pumps on our 321 saddle stitcher, we commenced to look for alternatives at the time we purchased a new Prima Saddle Stitcher.

After much consultation and research to see what was available, we decided on the new Busch Mink (hook & claw technology that operates contact free thus eliminating completely the problem of oil in the blast air) to fill our needs.  We were impressed right away with the higher pressure and flow rates compared with the old vane pumps.

Upon our move to our new location and with more space (combining two locations into one) we now have both stitchers, Star Binder and new state of the art Corona Binder on our system.  Apart from having fewer pumps (having replaced two from our 321 and two from our Star binder and the three that I would have had to buy with our new Prima), we get better performance and less maintenance to deal with, we now have the heat & noise in one central area, where we can recoup the heat in the winter to save energy and exhaust it in the summer to keep the plant cooler.

The vacuum central system the RA 0630 is running all four machines perfectly, and we look forward to many, many trouble free years.

In the two years that we have been running the Mink pumps they have performed flawlessly.  I look forward to dealing with Busch in the future.

Busch, through your direct involvement, has been instrumental in solving our problem and we have no hesitation in recommending your company and products to others.


Randy Heinz,

Produced by: Absolunet 2017 Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems Canada