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In Canada
Busch Permanent Survey
In Canada

 1985 - M. Paul M. Wieser founded Busch
  Vacuum Technics Inc. from his private
  residence in Sherbrooke. At that time,
  Busch became the only vacuum equipment
  manufacturer to establish a direct foothold
  in Canada.

 1986 - The company offices moved to Lorraine
  and the company acquired its first warehouse
  in Boisbriand.

 1988 - was marked by the opening of a
  service center in Mississauga (Toronto) and
  by the  expansion of the premises in
  Boisbriand to incorporate the offices.

 1992 - Busch Vacuum Technics moved to its present location by aquiring its own 2500 m2 building.
 1993 to 1996 - The company opened sales offices in Vancouver and expanded the sales
  and service facility in Toronto.

 2009 - The headquarters of the company in Boisbriand awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification.
 2010 The Mississauga offices also recieve the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

 2011 - 25th anniversary of the warehouse in Boisbriand.

 2012 - Official opening of a service center in British Columbiabuilding extension.
 2013 - Boisbriand building extension of 395m2.

From there, Busch Vacuum Technics never stopped to evolve and quickly became the uncontested leader in Canada in many industries like food packaging, medical vacuum systems, vacuum sewer systems and others.

Today, Busch Vacuum Technics employs 51 people and provides sales and services all across Canada.

Busch is still the only vacuum equipment manufacturer to have offices in Canada.

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