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Capsule Vacuum Gauge

General Prupose Description
The Busch general purpose vacuum gauge is a mechanical gauge designed to measure  absolute pressure in Torr. It is of rugged construction, suitable for direct or panel mounting and gives readings that are independent of barometric pressure. Within the gauge is an evacuated and hermetically sealed aneroid capsule. Variation of pressure causes deformation of the capsule and this movement is transferred to the pointer by a  mechanical linkage with a jewelled movement. The pointer indicates the pressure on a linearly divided scale independently of the external atmospheric pressure. Because the gauge gives a direct measurement of the pressure, it is also independent of the composition of the gas or altitude.

Chemical Resistant Description
The chemical resistant (Model CCR) vacuum gauge has been designed for applications where chemical contamination exists. The sensing element, vacuum chamber and connection port are manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials. The gauge movement, dial, and pointer are isolated from the media to be measured. Positive pressure up to two bar will not cause damage or alter the calibration.

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