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Exhaust Mist Elimimator

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Mist Eliminator
Busch Exhaust Mist Eliminators remove entrained sealant from the exhaust of Once-Through-Sealing vacuum pumps. Using coalescing borosilicate glass elements mounted in a carbon steel housing, the Busch Exhaust Mist Eliminator delivers sealant removal rates of 99.9% or better with minimal pressure drop. In solvent recovery processes, the Busch Exhaust Mist Eliminator yields virtually sealant-free recovered solvent which requires no further purification for re-use, eliminating recycling costs and its attendant pollution .
The pharmaceutical industry uses Busch vacuum pumps and Exhaust Mist Eliminators on solvent recovery  processes which meet stringent FDA requirements. Custom units can be designed by Busch Engineering to yield recovered process vapors at practically any desired purity level.

 Stainless steel, PTFE-lined, or Kynar - lined housings-optional
 Standard elements - yield minimum 99.9% sealant removal rate
 Low pressure drop - less than 1 psi
 Operates for one year on one replaceable cartridge under
  normal operating conditions
 Available in various sizes and materials to meet process
  load requirements.
 Buna Lid gasket is standard - other materials optional

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