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Stand Filter

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Stand Filter

The Busch high volume bag-type filter is intended for use in applications where large volumes of solids or liquids may be present in the inlet gas stream and "self-cleaning" is needed. This two-stage inlet filter separates matter first by cyclonic (centrifugal) action, followed by physical separation by a 5 micron bag-type element. This element is in the form of a loosely mounted, inverted cone-type, polyester filter that is inherently self-cleaning. As a cake is formed on the under side of the filter fabric, it is loosened by the motion of the element.
These particles then fall to the bottom of the steel housing. A drain is provided for liquids and an additional large clean-out port allows removal of solids. All covers and internal components are sealed by Buna O-rings to ensure vacuum integrity and to keep particulates from entering the vacuum pump. The filter medium is cleanable and easily replaceable. Pressure drop is kept to a minimum due to a large surface area.

 Liquids and solids separation
 Large capacity
 Low pressure drop
 Clean-out port
 Cleanable and replaceable elements
 5 micron self-cleaning element
 Four sizes for pumps having capacities up to 1000 CFM
 Standard material-carbon steel. Contact factory for other materials
 Standard bag material is polyester. Contact factory for other materials


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