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MSDS Files
MSDS Files

MSDS files for Busch Lubricants (only valid in Canada)

R-530S Busch Oil
R-540 Busch Oil
R-580 Busch Oil
R-590 Busch Oil
R-522 Busch Oil

R-9068 Busch Oil
R-9100 Busch Oil

R-568 Busch Flushing Oil

Fomblin YLVAC 25/6

C-68 Cobra gear Oil 
discontinued, replaced by VE-101

M-220 Mink gear Oil
VS-150 Mink gear Oil

P-150 Panda gear Oil
discontinued, replaced by VE-101

VE101 Busch Oil

Claw protector Lubricant TR-034


All products controlled by WHMIS have been updated accordingly. However, Busch lubricants are not controlled by WHMIS and therefore, it is NOT mandatory to update the MSDS every 3 years.

Huckepack, Seco, R 5
Merlin, Mink
Panda, Panther, Puma, Tyr, Dingo/Cat
Samos, Phenix
Turbomolecular Pumps
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