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Busch vacuum pumps and vacuum systems have been used for more than three decades in all industrial areas. In the coarse and fine ceramics industry, Busch has the ideal solution for almost all applications with the use of modern vacuum technology. For example, brick presses, extruder de-gassing and the handling of unfinished parts.

In the ceramics industry, the process contains a high percentage of water vapour. The newly developed R 5 series of HVT rotary vane vacuum pumps can succesfully handle these demanding processes. Dependant on application and required pressure, there are different vacuum principles to choose from which are all characterized by a high compatibility with water vapour. For example: the robust, reliable tried and tested R 5 type rotary vane vacuum pumps have been adapted to these processes by unique developments. This results in a combination of reliable techology with outstanding process compatibility. The COBRA dry-running screw vacuum pump in which no contact occurs between screws and cylinder can be used for low pressure applications. Mink dry-running rotary lobe vacuum pumps are suitable for coarse vacuum applications such as holding and lifting.

Huckepack two-stage once-through rotary vane vacuum pumps have been successfully used for decades in the ceramics industry in applications in which the percentage of humidity, water vapour and solid carryover is very high.

The use of Busch technology in ceramic processes ensures high efficiency, reliability and low operating costs. Our worldwide locations and intensive service network ensures that Busch is always close at hand. Profit from our years of experience and innovative solutions for the cermaics industry!

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