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Busch is your competent partner for all applications concerning the treatment of sewage effluents, that require pressure or vacuum.

In addition to our great variety of products such as Roots pumps, Rotary lobe vacuum pumps, Side channel blowers, pressure and vacuum systems which are individually designed for your application ; we have an environmentally friendly and a reliable solution for every problem concerning the treatment of sewage effluents.

Busch vacuum pumps, blowers and plants are used everywhere where economy, environmental safety, quality and reliability are required; for example in the following sewage applications:

 Communal and industrial treatment of sewage effluents:
   - Pressure aeration of settling tanks.
   - Aeration of activated sludge with oxygen.
   - Dehydration of sewage sludge.
   - Ventilation of sand traps.
   - Aeration of sludge-digestion tanks
   - Filter flushing-back for water purifying
 Keeping water clean:
   - Aeration of waters e.g. lakes
   - Enriching rivers with oxygen
   - Drinking-water treatment
 Applications concerning deposition:
   - Compression and transport of gases
   - Treatment of percolating-waters

Busch products help you to act simultaneously ecologically and economically. You can count on our 30 years experience

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