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"In short, we are delighted with our investment in our Busch system. The engineering is sound, the people are competent and dedicated, and the service is superb. I can highly recommend Busch as a supplier for this kind of installation." - Dick Kouwenhoven, President & CEO
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Custom Vacuum Systems

Busch custom engineers vacuum and low pressure systems to meet specific performance requirements. From the simplex pump system to complex computer controlled systems. Busch provides complete vacuum systems that include instrumentation, controls, monitors, computer hardware and software and other special equipment.  Busch's experienced engineering staff will work with you to determine the pump system configuration that will meet your specific requirements.

Features and advantages
 Many different pump technologies to choose from
 Condenser, scrubber, separator options
 Construction material that resist to your process vapors
 Variable frequency drive option for dry pumps 
 CSA approved systems
 Explosion proof unit available

Some exemples of Busch custom vacuum systems:

DBM Huckepack HP433
Aerospace ; Thermoforming vacuum system
15HP motor, scrubbers and PLC control panel

DBM Panther WA3125CV 
Seafood ; Salmon evisceration vacuum system
40HP motors, acoustic enclosures, relay control panel

Cobra NC0160
Chemical ;Evaporative distillation vacuum system
7.5HP motor, stainless steel piping, NEMA 7 explosion proof instruments and control

Combi Cobra AC0800 and booster
Chemical reclaiming vacuum system
40HP & 10HP motors, stainless steel piping, NEMA 7 instruments

Combi RA0630 with booster
Food ; Freeze drying vacuum system
25HP & 10HP motors, booster bypass, PLC control panel

To get a quotation, or for any comments or questions
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Merlin, Mink
Panda, Panther, Puma, Tyr, Dingo/Cat
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