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"The new system covers a lot of equipment, but basically, the big thing is we get a much better vacuum with a lot less horsepower" - Tim Palmer, Maintenance Engineering Manager
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Centrally located Busch R 5 and Mink vacuum systems reduce both maintenance and energy costs compared to multiple single pumps.

Busch offers a wide range of standard vacuum systems to meet specific requirements for a variety of applications in many different industries.

Features and advantages
 Traditional oil lubricated rotary vane pumps and
  advanced rotary dry-claw pumps, designed for low 
  maintenance and low life cycle costs
 Expandable with easy-to-install mechanical and
  electrical modules
 Remote location reduces noise and heat near work
 Lower operation and energy costs
 Automatic alternation for even pump wear
 Easy access for servicing
 Backup pump eliminates downtime
 Air-cooled pumps eliminate water consumption
 CSA approved systems

Busch Standard Systems Exemples:

TBM RA1600
Printing; Machine insertion vacuum system
50HP motors and PLC control panel

RTM RA0063
Plastic; RTM Light vacuum system
3HP motor, 2x 60 USG tanks and relay control panel

DTM RA0100
Central vacuum system
5HP motors, 80 USG tank and PLC control panel

QSM Mink MM1252AV
Food; Box packaging central vacuum system
7.5HP motors, 200 USG tank and PLC control panel


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