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"In short, we are delighted with our investment in our Busch system. The engineering is sound, the people are competent and dedicated, and the service is superb. I can highly recommend Busch as a supplier for this kind of installation." - Dick Kouwenhoven, President & CEO
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Laboratory Vacuum System

Designed specifically for laboratories, these Busch vacuum systems are equipped with a manual or automatic purge assembly to remove condensable vapors from the pump prior to shutdown. They are available in many configurations.

Features and advantages
 Traditional oil lubricated rotary vane pumps and advanced rotary dry-claw pumps, designed for low
  maintenance and low life cycle costs
 Pump isolation valves
 Purge solenoid valves with purge filters
 Purge sequence logic 
 CSA approved systems

Some exemples of Busch Laboratory Vacuum Systems

DTM RC0100
Hospital research laboratory central vacuum system
5HP motors, 120 USG tank and relay control panel

TSM RA0255
Laboratory central vacuum system
10HP motor, 200 USG tank and PLC control panel

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