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Busch is the Canadian licensee of AIRVAC® based in Rochester, Indiana. Using their expertise and patented vacuum valve, Busch develops vacuum sewage solutions for the municipal and industrial markets. This is an alternative to conventional gravity or pressure wastewater systems. It is an advantage for communities with the following conditions:
 At least 75 connections
 Rolling hills with small elevation changes
 High water ground table
 Restricted construction conditions
 Unstable soils
 Flat terrain
 Sensitive eco-system

This liquid transport technology through vacuum is also applicable to marinas, laboratories and other indoor systems. For more details, you can consult AIRVAC® website at www.airvac.com

Features and advantages
 Reduction in cost for excavation, materials, water usage, treatment expenses
 Small PVC pipe size (3" though 10")
 Environmentally friendly
 Busch Assistance in association with AIRVAC® for engineering of underground piping profile
 Skid mounted collection station equipment (vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, collection tank and control)
 AIRVAC® valves and parts

Some examples of Busch vacuum station systems for sewage:

DBM RA0630 and TBM RA0630
Town sewage vacuum system
2 collection stations, 5 x 25HP motors, 4 x 10HP centrifugal pumps, 2400 USG + 2700 USG collection tanks,
2 x 400 USG vacuum tanks

DBM Mink MI1124BV with SS centrifugal pump
Municipal drinking water wells
4 x 5HP motors, 400 USG tank, SS piping, PLC control panel

DBM RC0250 with 90 GPM centrifugal pumps
Train sewage vacuum system
2 x 10HP + 2 x 3HP motors, 882 USG tank, PLC control panel

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